2018-10-10: News Headlines

RT (2018-10-10). Google now plays 'Good Censor' for civility's sake, leaked internal briefing confirms. rt.com Internal research commissioned by Google confirms Orwellian-scale censorship powers enjoyed by tech giants. It says free speech is a "utopian idea," and creating "ordered spaces for safety and civility" is Google's new mission.

SFFNB (2018-10-10). BART Removes Benches From 16th Street/Mission Street Plaza. indybay.org Without public discussion or advanced notice, BART closed most of the southwest 16th Street/Mission Street Plaza from September 10, 2018 to September 20, 2018 for construction… BART removed the approximately six benches from the plaza and has not reinstalled them, denying people places to sit in a public space. | In a posting on his Facebook page, viewable only to people logged into their Facebook accounts, BART Director Bevan Dufty announced that BART will install new benches by November 1, 2018. Why is an elected official disseminating information that should be universally available exclusively through a pri…

Whitney Webb (2018-10-09). Pierre Omidyar's The Intercept Teams Up With War-Propaganda Firm. iranian.com Despite promoting itself as an "independent" and open-source investigation site, the firm Bellingcat has received a significant portion of its funding from Google, which is also one of the most powerful U.S. military contractors and whose rise to prominence was directly aided by the CIA. The Intercept, along with its parent company First Look Media, recently […]

Ryan Gallagher (2018-10-09). Leaked Transcript of Private Meeting Contradicts Google's Official Story on China. theintercept.com Publicly, Google executive Ben Gomes has called the censored search engine "an exploration." Privately, he wanted it completed "as soon as possible."

Mark Sumner, Daily Kos (2018-10-09). Nikki Haley Makes Her Departure Official as Trump Praises Her for Making the Role of UN Ambassador 'Glamorous'. alternet.org "Jared [Kushner] is such a hidden genius that no one understands," Nikki Haley claimed. | Donald Trump broken with his usual means of deposing of a cabinet member—dropping a note on their desks while they're out of town and letting them find out by tweet—to have send UN Ambassador Nikki Haley out the door with a White House event. Haley gave a brief speech in which the most notable moments were likely her claim that she would support Trump in his 2020 effort,. . .

Priti Gulati Cox (2018-10-09). A Confrontation With Kobach's Chamcha (Lackey, in Hindi). counterpunch.org As I write this, Kris Kobach, the 'He Was Trump Before Trump' Republican nominee for Governor of Kansas, along with Donald himself, are getting ready for a rally in Topeka at the Kansas Expocenter. Kobach's campaign manager and chamcha@jrclaeys tweeted recently in regard to the rally, "It's gonna be YUGE! #ksleg #RemainRed #MAGA." As you More

Matthew Chapman, AlterNet (2018-10-09). This Republican Official Unleashed a Racist Attack Against a Candidate Who Could Be the First Native American Woman in Congress. alternet.org A Kansas Republican wrote a toxic screed against congressional candidate Sharice Davids. | A Republican county official in Kansas has attracted controversy for an inflammatory Facebook message about Democratic congressional candidate Sharice Davids. According to the Kansas City Star, Johnson County Republican precinct committeeman Michael Kawny sent the message to Johnso. . .

David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement (2018-10-09). Trump Calls Women Survivors of Sexual Assault 'Screamers'. alternet.org "The paid D. C. protesters are now ready to REALLY protest because they haven't gotten their checks. " | President Donald Trump is now calling women survivors of sexual assault "screamers" in his latest offensive tweet. Barely more than 12 hours after apologizing to Brett Kavanaugh "on behalf of the nation," the president took to Twitter to once again attack women

Matthew Chapman, AlterNet (2018-10-09). Trump's New EPA Chief Engaged With Racist and Sexist Content on Social Media. alternet.org Andrew Wheeler pleaded ignorance when confronted. | On Tuesday, the Huffington Post reported that Andrew Wheeler, the acting administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has a history of posting and interacting with horribly bigoted and incendiary content. Among the interactions, which were first discovered by American Bridge:. . .

RT (2018-10-09). Top Trump aide sought Israeli help in online manipulation during 2016 election – report. rt.com An Israeli private intelligence firm produced three separate proposals to manipulate social media in the US and spread misinformation for the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential elections, according to a new report.

RT (2018-10-09). Coincidence? Haley resigns as Kanye is about to meet Trump — and Twitter knows what's up. rt.com Nikki Haley has unexpectedly resigned as US ambassador to the United Nations mere days before US President Donald Trump is set to meet controversial rapper Kanye West — and, well, Twitter is absolutely sure there's a connection. |

RT (2018-10-09). Mom accidently makes red-faced son star of cringey 'Him Too' movement. rt.com A man who unwittingly became the viral star of a 'Him Too' hashtag has blamed his mother for the unwanted fame. It comes after she posted a Twitter tribute claiming her "gentleman" son is afraid to date because of "feminists."

Brad Reed, Raw Story (2018-10-09). Fox & Friends Deletes Tweet Claiming Trump's Approval 'Soared' to 41 Percent After Getting Ruthlessly Mocked. alternet.org "Soaring like a chicken in flight. " | "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday tried to spin more bad poll numbers from President Donald Trump by describing his approval rating as "soaring" despite the fact that it was historically low for a first-term president heading into a midterm election. The "Fox & Friends" Twitter account posted an analysis of CNN's latest poll that showed Trump's approval at 41 percent, which is a historically bad number for a first-t. . .

RT (2018-10-09). 'F*CK. YOU. ALL': Google 'design lead' wishes for Republicans to burn in hell in Twitter outburst. rt.com An apparent senior Google employee went on an expletive-laden rant against GOP lawmakers who'd voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. 'F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL,' the designer wrote, before deleting the tweet.

RT (2018-10-09). Meet Brett Kavanagh, the unfortunate Twitter namesake of the moment. rt.com With the nation's eyes glued to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's bitter confirmation fight in recent weeks, spare a thought for Brett Kavanagh, a man who shares nothing with the judge except a closely-spelled last name. |

Whitney Webb (2018-10-08). Omidyar's Intercept Teams Up with War-Propaganda Firm Bellingcat. mintpressnews.com Despite promoting itself as an "independent" and open-source investigation site, Bellingcat has received a significant portion of its funding from Google, which is also one of the most powerful U.S. military contractors and whose rise to prominence was directly aided by the CIA.

Phillip Smith, Independent Media Institute (2018-10-08). 'Go Be a N—– Somewhere Else': ACLU Files Lawsuit Citing San Francisco Police's Documented History of Vile Racism. alternet.org The city by the bay has been a hotbed of illegal race-based policing. This is just the latest example. | San Francisco's Tenderloin is a heavily populated, racially mixed neighborhood in the heart of one of America's iconic progressive cities. Yet when the San Francisco Police Department and the DEA targeted the neighborhood to crack down on drug dealing between 2013 and 2015 as part of "Operation Safe Schools," the only people they managed to rol. . .

RT (2018-10-08). You can't win: Ex-top astronaut apologizes to Twitter for citing Churchill, sparks more fuss. rt.com Quoting Winston Churchill seems harmless enough, but a former NASA astronaut found out the hard way that it's impossible to please everyone on Twitter, after apologizing for citing the revered British leader.

RT (2018-10-08). CNN reporter admits use of 'ignorant' gay slur as offensive tweets resurface. rt.com CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins has apologized for homophobic tweets she sent back in her college days after the deleted messages resurfaced online.

RT (2018-10-08). Kanye West Trumped. Rapper quits social media after SNL backlash. rt.com Outspoken rap megastar Kanye West has quit Instagram and Twitter again, after raising hell in celebrity circles for his "free thinking" musings and vocal support of President Trump. |

RT (2018-10-08). High school band director suspended after cops-at-gunpoint skit sparks outrage (VIDEO). rt.com A high school band director in the US has been suspended after an ill-advised halftime show saw students dressed as cops being held at gunpoint. The skit sparked massive viral outrage and demands that those responsible be fired.

RT (2018-10-06). 'Cop-killing' halftime show at Mississippi high school leaves community and social media outraged. rt.com A grieving Mississippi community is outraged after a visiting high school team's halftime show portrayed students holding a SWAT team at gunpoint. It comes a week after two police officers in the town were killed while on duty.

RT (2018-10-06). US professor who wished 'death & castration' to Kavanaugh defenders is sent on paid working trip. rt.com A Georgetown University professor, suspended from Twitter over calls to murder 'entitled white men' for supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh and to 'castrate their corpses,' is being sent to travel internationally for research.

RT (2018-10-05). Trump accused of anti-Semitism over claim Soros funds 'elevator screamers'. rt.com Critics of US President Donald Trump were quick to accuse him of anti-Semitism over a tweet claiming that women accosting senators over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were paid by liberal billionaire George Soros.

RT (2018-10-05). #BoycottGosling: Flat Earthers & patriots incensed at 'removal' of US flag from moon landing film. rt.com US patriots and Flat Earthers alike took to Twitter to vent their outrage following the premiere of the new Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, which does not feature the iconic planting of the American flag on the lunar surface.

RT (2018-10-05). 'Don't fall for it!' Anti-Kavanaugh protesters are paid professionals backed by Soros, Trump says. rt.com The "rude elevator screamers" protesting Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court are "paid professionals" who are backed by George Soros, US President Donald Trump has tweeted.

RT (2018-10-05). Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore trade barbs as bitter Kavanaugh confirmation saga enters final phase. rt.com With the Senate preparing to vote on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the wokest of the woke celebrities and #resistance figures are pulling out all the stops to out-tweet and out-liberal each other in protest. |

RT (2018-10-05). 'Women are the n-word of the world': Twitter unrelenting in takedown of Bette Midler for hot take. rt.com Actress and singer Bette Midler has been verbally flayed online after an ill-judged hot take stating: "Women are the n-word of the world."

RT (2018-10-04). 'Shortseller Enrichment Commission': Musk mocks SEC over fraud probe. rt.com While things aren't on the up-and-up for eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk, ousted as Tesla chairman and sued by a US agency for fraud over scandalous tweets, he's now put Twitter in overdrive with an act certain to invite trouble.

RT (2018-10-04). Is Trump a time traveller or undercover shopper? Doppelganger sends internet into meltdown (VIDEO). rt.com The internet is in a tizzy after a video surfaced on social media of Donald Trump at a gas station… Or was it a man who looks like him? Online sleuths are now on a search for yet another striking POTUS doppelganger.

RT (2018-10-03). Twitter slams Hillary's 'bombastic laugh' in reaction to Kavanaugh's 'revenge' claim. rt.com Hillary Clinton said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's claim that sexual misconduct allegations against him amount to "revenge on behalf of the Clintons" was worthy of a laugh — but Twitter did not find her laugh convincing.

Alan MacLeod (2018-09-25). Facebook's New Propaganda Partners. fair.org Reuters ( 9/19/18) described two branches of the National Endowment for Democracy, set up by the Reagan administration during the Cold War to promote US foreign policy objectives, as "two US nonprofits." | Media giant Facebook recently announced (Reuters, Ben Norton (2018-08-24). Big Tech Corporations Are Now Banning Iranian Social Media Accounts — A Censored Student Journalist Speaks out. grayzoneproject.com Google, Facebook, and Twitter are removing social media accounts of real life Iranians who are falsely dubbed as "government trolls."…

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